I have designed a logo and a number of (non-poster) promotional materials for the Belgrade Festival of Contemporary Russian Drama organized by the cultural institution Vuk Stefanović Karadžić and held in Belgrade. The festival was conceived as a meeting place of Serbian and Russian theaters performing Russian drama and the audience, with whom direct contact is achieved through dialogue and discussions. Promotional material is embellished with a traditional pattern indicating the close ties that exist between Serbian and Russian cultures.

Café Verdi

I have designed a logo for a newly opened coffee shop Café Verdi  in Tuzla. It was my intention to emphasize the fact that the modern experience in coffee shops can be blended with the old, traditional kind of hospitality that distinguishes this city. I have used a warm color palette that is characteristic of the coffee products.


I have designed a logo and business cards for Hristov dental clinic located in Belgrade. Crisp and fresh color palette indicates a high degree of professionalism and respectability.


Within the Capacity Development Project on Nationally Appropriate Migration Actions (NAMAs), I have designed a number of posters that focus on climate change in particular.


I have designed a logo for a privately owned specialist cardiology practice Grujić located in Belgrade, Serbia. The logo reflects both a high degree of professionalism and cordiality of the staff.

Fish specialty / Riblji specijalitet

Eco-art competition Responsible towards nature


In 2010, I have participated in the eco-art competition Responsible towards nature and won the second place for a poster entitled Fish specialty, which was exhibited in the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade. The exhibition was held in the presence of a large number of distinguished guests and was officially opened by his Excellency the Austrian Ambassador to Serbia Clemens Koja. My work aimed at emphasizing the fact that if we continue to pollute our planet this way, we are most likely going to end up eating factory-made hybrid forms of food in the future.