I have designed a website for the 57th October Salon, which was held in Belgrade, Serbia, from 15 September until 28 October 2018. During this year’s October Salon, team of authors, consisted of Mr. Gunnar B. Kvaran and Ms. Danielle Kvaran, presented the exhibition entitled The Marvellous Cacophony, based on the idea of diversity. The concept has put the Serbian and the Belgrade art scenes into an international context, but at the same time, it referred to the complex cultural and socio-political situation in the region. In fact, the Marvellous Cacophony reflects the richness of the world and involves the coexistence of multiple identities and permanent relational flows, conveying notions of miscellany and openness, and creating meaningful narratives about art and culture, social issues and politics. My website reflects the concept of marvellous cacophony, but at the same time, it reflects the simplicity and unity of the concept through pure forms, vibrant colors and clear shapes.


I have created a website and designed a number of billboard posters for the project of the Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade entitled Our treasure with the aim of presenting artistic objects, which are mainly kept in Belgrade’s museums and legacies, to a wider audience. Our treasure‘s website offers a unique blend of modern design and a hint of antique flavor.


I have created a website for an independent cultural organization BLOCKFREI, which is based in Vienna and conceived as a platform for innovative cultural praxis, with the goal to support the cooperation between cultural groups from Austria and South-eastern Europe. The website conveys proactive nature of its co-founders Jelena Kaluđerović and Nevena Janković and the organization in general, seeing that BLOCKFREI embodies the concept of mobility of artists and cultural professionals, strongly believing that multicultural projects are of the highest importance and inevitability in global cultural and geopolitical sphere.


I have created a website dedicated to the festival for and about literature entitled ŠUŠUR, which is traditionally held in August within the Korčula Old City. I have opted for a clean and bright color palette as well as swift design that greatly contributed to the overall availability and easy searchability of data about this festival on the Internet.